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Each client will have a month's worth of cancellations that can be used at any time. Above and beyond that, if you would like us to continue to reserve your weekly spot and time once your allotted cancellations have been used, the spot will need to be paid for in full.

Additional details are as follows:

  • Please cancel your days within 24 hours of the scheduled walk via the Scout app. If walks are not canceled on the app within 24 hours they will be charged in full.

  • The cancellation period runs from Jan 1-Dec 31 each year

  • The amount of cancellations you have will vary depending on how many time a week your dog is scheduled:

    • 2 walks per week x 4 weeks = 8 cancellations

    • 3 walks per week x 4 weeks = 12 cancellations

    • 4 walks per week x 4 weeks = 16 cancellations

    • 5 walks per week x 4 weeks = 20 cancellations

*Please note that any cancellations made by Vancouver Canine due to weather, staffing etc. WILL NOT count towards your cancellations for the year.


We schedule each week as a whole each Friday for the following week. We are always happy to add your pup to extra walking days outside your scheduled days if we have room in our schedule. The deadline for additions to the schedule are 5pm on the Thursday for the following week's schedule. Please request the walk in Scout and we will add you in if we are able to.

* For scheduling and cancellations, please contact us directly at for any emergencies and extenuating circumstances, which can be discussed on an individual basis.

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