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Leading the Pack at Vancouver Canine

Jayme Willman boasts a remarkable 15-year journey in dog walking, reflecting her unwavering dedication to our four-legged friends. Her academic pursuit at the Academy for Dog Trainers, founded by the esteemed Jean Donaldson, emphasizes science-based, reward-oriented training techniques, steering clear of any approach that could distress or harm dogs.

Incorporating these core principles, Jayme established Vancouver Canine, aiming to grant dogs the perfect blend of exercise, stimulation, safety, and fun, thus enhancing their overall well-being. 

Accompanying Jayme on her ventures is the endearing Sofi, a rescued Pit Bull mix from 2012. Not only is Sofi a certified therapy dog, but she also proudly holds the title of "Branch Manager" at Vancouver Canine, representing the heart and soul of the company's ethos

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